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Hi, I am Chanita Stone 

Thank you for stopping by my page. If you are new or returning - WELCOME! 


A little bit about me...


I'm a small-town girl, born and raised in Danville, Va. My first time away from home was to attend Old Dominion University, where I graduated with a degree in Psych. Though I haven't put my psychology degree to much use, my college career wasn't a waste. It's there that I met my now husband! I currently reside in Washington state, where I enjoy my time with him and our 4 amazing kids.  It's those very children who inspired me to begin writing.  


My first book, "Caleb Has Something to Say", was inspired by and written for my firstborn. I wanted to give him a voice and an opportunity to see his full self represented in a book. My sophomore project is inspired by my second born and her experience in realizing her worth and value in the spaces she exists in. "Bloom Baby Bloom", reflects my efforts to affirm her in who she is, so the world can't tell her who she is not.


It is truly my hearts desire for my children to feel seen in this big wide world. I hope you find that my current titles allow you to support  the littles ones in your life in feeling the same.

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Caleb Has Something to Say

Caleb may not speak his words, but oh does he have plenty to say! Learn the special ways Caleb communicates with his family and friends.


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